Third International Photo Salon PLOVDIV 2016


Third International Photo Salon PLOVDIV 2016
is open for entry!

The photo salon is conducted under the patronage and rules of FIAP, PSA and APB.
With the support of Plovdiv Municipality, Bulgaria.

SIXTH sections:
    (black & white, monochrome) FIAP/PSA PID mono [FIAP and PSA mono definition]
2. Open COLOR
    (color photography) FIAP/PSA PID color
    (color/black & white) FIAP/PSA ND [FIAP and PSA nature definition]
4. Theme 1 – PORTRAIT
(color/black & white) FIAP/PSA PID color
5. Theme 2 – NUDE
(color/black & white) FIAP/PSA PID color
6. Theme 3 – MY TOWN
(color/black & white) FIAP/PSA PID color
with Subtheme EUROPEAN CAPITALS OF CULTURE 1985 -2019

FIVE members jury team.
FOUR nationalities in team of the jury.
THREE supported photo organizations.
TWO kind of catalogues (????? ??? CD) for every entrant.
ONE big prize – CUP + 500 & summary awardsover 133

Closing date 25 April 2016

Full regulations, calendar, fees and payment ways, jury, prizes and online entry on:

To all entrants – Welcome and good luck!

Best regards,
Anton Savov
member of board of Academy of Photography Bulgaria and FIAP liaison
officer for Bulgaria.

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