Photomedia 2014 – En inglés

Dear Friends, photographers,
Photomedia, in the eyes of many artists throughout the globe, is in no way just another photo exhibition. As many of you may well know, throughout the years long tradition, Photomedia established itself as a well-known brand among the tsunami of digital photograph competitions, being one of the few print exhibitions, where we honor the author’s effort, making the selection of works in a live and vivid communication between the members of the jury. As a result of that approach, we at Photomedia receive some of the finest works from the current period, from all sides of the world. Thus, we encourage you to send your prints to Photomedia 2014 and be a part of our exquisite journey through contemporary photography. Photomedia exists simply from and for the LOVE and PASSION for PHOTOGRAPHY and is based on voluntary sweat of our team!

Attached you will find the rules and regulations of our Exhibition

We encourage you to take participation in our distinguished event, and by doing so, you support the core values of our beloved art. You can follow our event on Facebook or see our web site
Warm greetings from Macedonia, may the light be with you all

Sašo N. Aluševski, salon chairperson                              Captura de pantalla 2014-04-27 a la(s) 07.41.44


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