New section Argizaiola

As we reported in the last Congress, we have created a new section on competition Argizaiola, contest contests.

At the same you can access by clicking on the image Argizaiola:

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In this section you can check: the history of the torches, sus bases, all information in the qualifying competitions, Photo awarded in the last year and previous years.

The information will be completed gradually.

We hope that the sea current.


Congress Photos 2013


Congress 2013, an album on Flickr.

Here you can see some pictures of this great day in Eibar.

Incidentally Flickr has changed substantially and especially that two provides free 1 Tera to climb tus photos.

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New Project

As we discussed in Congress have created a new account for FREE list of those who want to collaborate on the project of editing the new magazine ehat. The bill is:

Those who are interested in collaborating send an email with your details and your ideas.

Thank you very much.

The gossips are reaching the net

We received the following information we publish to enjoy these new media with a smile:

Estimated cybernauta,

With this mail we invite you to watch the TEASER the webserie Wives (Chismosas, French), a fiction created especially for viewing on the Internet. If you want to enjoy the adventures of its protagonist, Honorette, an eccentric Parisian librarian hunting out street gossips with spy camera, just click here:

TEASER – Spanish subs + english + German- by Honorette_Films

Our site translated into 20 languages

Finally, thanks to Google translator and wonderful we can see our website at 20 different languages.

The important thing is that we and other EUSKERA 19 but even in Japanese language:

Calendar activities

We have prepared a new page where you can view the schedule of the activities pertaining to the Federation.

You can access it from the first main menu button:

Obviously for this schedule should be useful need to nourish the events so you know and send the data, for us to place.

Put a picture on the street

Dear photographers,

As we communicate in their day, the next day 18 May (only a week away) celebrate the second edition of Put a Photo on the Street in different Spanish cities and with a remarkable international representation, as has been confirmed by government entities and.

It would be our pleasure to join in this initiative to reverse in the picture, culture and especially in public participation.

Put a Photo on the Street


Cities convened Euskadi:

Laudio / Llodio
Donostia-San Sebastián
Pamplona / Iruña


This is a helping hand, everyone within our means. When “shopping” a photo (in small, mediate or large), you're actually making a donation that will manage one of the NGOs collaborating. The fact that in return you will receive your copy in the specified size is the excuse that moves us to justify all this work.

Do not forget that 10 euros equivalent to have there 500 EUR!!!! – COLLABORATE

New group photo in Bizkaia

We have opened a new photography website:

We joined a group of photographers of Biscay, with a special passion for photography, in all its forms and we formed a small partnership to share knowledge, media and also to show our work on the web, exhibitions and through.

Initially focused on landscape photography, we extend to other types of photography.

In addition to this website, in November, first opened a group exhibition of our work - / exhibitions / in the Cultural Hall Gallarta (avd. Collier, 5) of 15 to the 30 November.

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Just hang on Flikr photos submitted to Argizaiola 2007 and 2008 we were backward and together with the 2009 and other previous years represent a unique suite 1347 photos to enjoy.

At the same you can access from the Photo Gallery section of our website:



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